Concept X Hotels

A digital innovate hotel, easy, smart and fast due her own 24/7 self-check-in/check-out. The unique design of the rooms gives our guest the ultimate ‘home away from home’ feeling. Avoid waiting at the reception, ques to check out.

24/7 digital self check in

Easy, smart and multi flexible.

Concept X Hotels is the perfect opportunity for a franchisee to be successful in the hotel industry, low risk, lean and easy to manage on a distance. A good profit every square meter.

The idea was born to have the right match for the new digital traveller/business traveller, enjoy the superfast free WiFi, comfortable smart rooms, the individual who respect their privacy, which don’t want to lose time on unnecessary waiting. Just want to be fast, smart, easy, and comfortable.

To make the full process as sustainable as possible, easy to reach the goals and provide the best service. We developed 2 different concepts;

BLACK concept; Comfortable smart rooms, free fast WiFi, TV, a perfect bed to be totally relaxed, a desk to be able to work comfortable on your job. And a relax chair to take a break and enjoy the beautiful moments of the day. Start your day with a relax rain shower in your own private bathroom.

WHITE concept: Bigger comfortable smart rooms, free fast WiFi, TV, enjoy the space to relax. Watching a good movie from the relax chair. Take a good night sleep at this comfortable bed. To start the day with a fresh rain shower, you take on your bathrobe and slipper and visit the modern bathroom, where you can use all the facilities to make yourself a ready for a great start of the day.